The Wall Street Journal: Obama’s Cairo Speech Stirred Many, Shook Some by Rany Ibrahim

28 07 2009

I believe President Obama’s speech was full of hope which will change presumptions in the Arab world about the U.S. Mr. Obama is spreading around the world the message of hope that got him to office in the U.S. However, I was disappointed that the speech only touched very lightly on human rights and freedoms in Muslim countries. He did not give an indication how America will act on these issues while the U.S. is supporting regimes that do not allow democracy to flourish. The double standard in U.S. foreign policy has always confused Arabs and Muslims, and created a love-hate relationship. The U.S. must pursue a common-sense policy which understands that it is in America’s interest to have democratic, developed Muslim countries. It’s not a question of economic development first or democracy first; the U.S. has to act on both fronts at the same time to reach the common ground Mr. Obama referred to in his speech.

Rany S. Ibrahim 
Halifax, Nova Scotia

The Wall Street Journal, page A14 JUNE 12, 2009




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